​One of my favorite, early memories is attending Slash's birthday party in Las Vegas--2008.  (pictured right)  It was my first visit to Vegas and I was by myself. I was there for only twelve hours. After the show, I wandered around sin city until the sun came up. It was, arguably, the best twelve hours of my life. Since then, Las Vegas will always have a special place in my heart. It is my home away from home. ​

Another memorable moment was meeting Axl Rose for the first time (also in Las Vegas) in 2012. (pictured left) I grew up on Guns N' Roses and they are, to this day, my favorite band. Axl was very sweet, funny, and friendly. He mocked my southern accent, even though I still say I don't really have one! Haha! 

Bethany Vegas

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My love for photography goes back as far as I can remember. I was always that friend who had a camera. It wasn't until 2013, however, that I decided to see what I could really do and how far I could go with my beloved hobby. Since 2013, I have photographed dozens of concerts, family portraits, three weddings, and two maternity shoots. My work has been published, shared, featured, and sold all over the globe. I am always learning my craft and aim to top myself with each shoot. I will photograph anything that catches my eye, but I love the challenge of live music/concert photography. I love the spontaneity. I love capturing a moment that will never happen again.